What kind of impact will you leave?

I truly believe that you never meet anyone in this life on accident. Everyone you come across has their own lesson to teach you. Some lessons bring joy and others bring sadness, but not a single one leaves you the same way you were before they stepped into your life. A handful of these people are … Continue reading What kind of impact will you leave?


The Humphrey’s

When one of your best friends gets married, it's a HUGE deal. When one of your best friends gets married and you can't be there, it's the actual worst. So what better way to make it up to her then whipping out my good ol' Cannon and taking some newlywed pictures?! I'm learning more about … Continue reading The Humphrey’s


October has and always will be my favorite month of the year. Maybe it's the pumpkin scents all around that lead me to believe this month has it's own nostalgic smell. It's such an exciting time. Pumpkins, mums, hayrides, and bonfires are something I associate with this month. Along with haunted houses and corn mazes, … Continue reading October